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Tax Questionnaire Tips & Tricks

Important notes:

  • We will not be notified that you are done with the questionnaire until you have completed the entire questionnaire.  You will know that you have completed it when the "task" moves to completed in your Client Center. 
  • Once you complete the questionnaire we are notified.  You will be entered into the Queue to be worked.  We will begin working on the return in the order that we receive them and will reach out with any questions.
  • You can upload additional documents not covered by the questionnaire by switching to the "Documents" section of your client center.



Here are some links to assist you in using the client center and questionnaire:

Click here for an overview to access and use the Clent Center Click here - Client Portal Help

Click here for an overview to help complete the QuestionnaireComplete your Tax Questionnaire (

Click here to for an overview to upload documents to your Client Center - Upload your documents (

Mobile app for your phone? you can scan and add documents, sign returns, etc  - Client Center mobile app (

Need to change/reset your passwordChange password (

Having trouble signing in to the client center? - Help with common Client Center sign-in issues (

Two-Step VerificationTwo-step verification overview (

Two-Step Verification - Video to assist you in setting this up Onvio Client Center Two-Step Verification (


Keep in mind that the Questionaire is not very comprehensive.  The major items that It does not cover are:

1. Sole Proprietorship

2. Rental Property

3. Estimated tax payments

4. Certain Itemized Tax Deductions  (Real estate taxes, fire taxes, car taxes, etc)

Here are the options to provide this data:

1. Simply provide the information in the "comments" in the appropriate section of the questionnaire.  This is not be a good option for your rental property or small business.

2. Upload a summary of the missing items into your client center.

3.  For Rental Properties and Sole Proprietors we can provide an additional online questionnaire to cover these activities.  If you want these specific questionnaires let us know which one you want and we will send you the link.


We are here to help with this system as best we can.  Feel free to call or email us for assistance.